Monday, October 25, 2010

better together

i Realized
I didnt have to be prettier,
or plumper, more popular
or be any different than who i am now.
she would always help me get back up
when i was down,
but when i got back up,
i just went on with my life.
trying to be better,
trying to be the best,
trying to be someone every one wants
to be around,
trying to be someone i'm not.
she was there the whole time
i wasted my life trying to be someone
to everyone,
when all along my everything
was standing right beside me.
she opened my eyes
and now i can see
why she's standing next to me.
she made me realize
I don't have to be prettier,
or plumber, more popular
or be any different than i am now.
she has always been there,
and she always will be there.
Even if things don't work out
exactly how we want.
i will always love you,
just like you love me.

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